Go Ahead and Walk on By

The Breakfast Club (1985) has always fascinated me as a piece of pop-culture. It's a movie that had critical and box office success. It's weathered thirty-two years and is remembered as one of the defining movies of the 1980s. And I don't understand why? Its narrative goes nowhere. Its characters are thin. And it's condescending… Continue reading Go Ahead and Walk on By


It’s a Magical Day?

Fateful Findings (2013) was my first Neil Breen film. It is a symphony in absurdity. I think it's unfair to describe its plot in the clear, concise Wikipedia way. Because this movie cannot be experienced with that clarity. But first a little context. Neil Breen is a successful architect in Las Vegas. He uses his… Continue reading It’s a Magical Day?

Night of the Dribbler doesn’t deserve a Pun

To say that this movie is bad, gives it too much credit. It's dumb, spiteful, and hollow. Night of the Dribbler (1990) is a comedy slasher about Stan Bates (Gregory Calpakis), a high school basketball player. His team can't seem to win a game, mostly because all of it's star players keep getting killed by… Continue reading Night of the Dribbler doesn’t deserve a Pun

Dead End Drive-In and the Future that doesn’t matter

In the near future of 1995 Australia is scrambling after an economic collapse. Roaming gangs steal car parts to sell in the black market. Old Drive-in theaters are turned into concentration camps unbeknownst to the public. Our main characters Crabs (Ned Manning) and his girlfriend Carmen (Natalie McCurry) go to a movie at the Star… Continue reading Dead End Drive-In and the Future that doesn’t matter