Necromancy couldn’t even bring This Film to Life

Necromancy (1972) is like Big K Cola. Cheap. Barely passable. And you can't help thinking there's a better version somewhere nearby. This entry is going to be a little different, simply because this movie was so bland. I'm going to talk about how I look for a good-bad movie. It didn't work in this case,… Continue reading Necromancy couldn’t even bring This Film to Life


I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle¬†(1990) is a particularly difficult movie. It's an English Horror Comedy and comes frustratingly close to being a schlock masterpiece, but falls short in one important area. Editing. The setup is, Our main character Noddy (Neil Morrissey) buys a classic motorcycle whose owner was recently killed. The previous owner just so… Continue reading I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle